Saturday, March 30, 2013

Daphne's Doll

Daphne Olsen loved dolls. Her favorite doll was a soft and squishy baby doll named Dahlia. Daphne always called her Baby. From the moment Daphne laid eyes on Dahlia when she got her as a second birthday present from Mommy and Daddy, Dahlia was her Baby and her favorite toy in the world. Baby ate with her. Baby played with her. Baby took baths with her. Baby slept with her. Everywhere that Daphne went, Baby would be there too.

Once when they were sleeping over Grandma's Baby accidentally got left behind. Daphne cried and cried. Daddy tried to comfort her. "It's okay." he said sweetly patting her on the back.

"No Daddy!" said Daphne angrily pushing him away.

Mommy tried comforting her. She picked up Daphne in her arms and gently rocked her back and forth. "There, there, sweetie." she said.

Daphne pulled herself out of Mommy's arms. "Don't want Mommy! Want Baby!" she said breaking out into a fresh flood of tears.

Daddy ended up having to go all the way home and get Baby. It took him an hour to go home and come back. The whole time he was gone, Daphne cried. When he came back and handed her Baby, she happily snuggled the doll in her arms. Then and only then would she settle down and go to sleep.

Another time, Baby got lost at the mall. Daphne was sleeping in the stroller, and she woke up when they got to car."Baby! Baby!" she cried anxiously as Mommy tried to buckle her into her car seat. "What?" said Mommy. "Where is Baby?" She looked around the car, but didn't see Baby. She looked around the car again  but still didn't see Baby. By now, Mommy was starting to get worried too. She took Daphne out of the car and strapped her back into her stroller.

"Baby! Baby!" cried Daphne unhappily as they headed back into the mall. Her eyes filled with tears.

In the mall, they started to go back into all the stores they had been to before.They went to five stores before they finally found Baby on the dressing room floor in Macys. She must have fallen out of the stroller while Daphne was sleeping. "Baby! Baby!" said Daphne happily reaching out for her doll. She instantly stopped crying and hugged her doll to her.

The only thing Daphne loved almost, but not quite as much as Baby was her pacifier. When she was about four, Mommy and Daddy finally got her to give up her pacifier. She still always wanted to chew on things though. She would chew on her blanket. She would chew on her hair. Mommy and Daddy were always having to tell Daphne to get things out of her mouth and stop chewing on them.

One of the things that Daphne liked to chew on was Baby's foot. "Don't chew on Baby's foot. It will break." Mommy and Daddy warned her. Daphne couldn't stop chewing on it though and eventually it did break off.

"Baby! Baby!" cried Daphne sadly. She scooped up Baby in her arms and handed her to Daddy. "Daddy fix, baby." she demanded. Daddy looked at her sadly. He didn't think he could fix Baby.

A week went by. It was a long and unhappy week. Daphne cried all the time. She didn't eat. She didn't sleep. She just cried for her Baby.

Finally at the end of the week, Mommy and Daddy had a surprise for her."Here you go." said Daddy handing something to her.

"Baby!" screamed Daphne excitedly. "My Daddy fix Baby." she said happily smiling at him gratefully. She looked at Baby. Then, she stopped smiling. She looked Baby all over. Something was different.

Mommy and Daddy looked at each other. They held their breath nervously.

"My Daddy got me a new Baby." said Daphne finally. She smiled again. Mommy and Daddy smiled too.

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