Saturday, March 16, 2013

Brittany Makes Breakfast

Brittany Ferris woke up early one morning. At first, she played quietly in her room. Soon, she realized she was hungry. She was going to go wake up Mommy  to ask her make breakfast. Then, she decided to let her Mommy sleep. She, Brittany, would make breakfast. It was the least she could do since Mommy loved her so much and did so much for her. It would be a nice change for Mommy not to make breakfast for once. Mommy would be so proud and happy.

Brittany put her slippers on and tiptoed downstairs into the kitchen. She sat down at the table to think of what to make. She was not allowed to use the oven or stove so anything that had to be cooked was out like eggs or French toast. She was not allowed to use a knife so she could not make anything that required spreading or cutting like a bagel or a sandwich. She chewed on her finger and thought really hard. "I know!" she said finally. "I'll make cereal."

She dragged a chair over to the counter, climbed up and pulled out a bowl. When she climbed down, she didn't bother to put the chair back.

Next, she went to the cabinet and took out a box of Lucky Charms. She pored the cereal into the bowl. A bunch of cereal spilled over the sides of the bowl and onto the floor. Brittany didn't bother cleaning up the cereal she had dropped. However as she continued to walk around the kitchen making Mommy's breakfast most of the cereal on the floor got crushed into the tile.

She got the milk out of the refrigerator and poured some into the bowl. She didn't know when to stop pouring and soon milk spilled over the bowl and made a big wet mess on the counter. She carried the cereal bowl to the table splashing more milk this time onto the floor as she went. She got a spoon out of  the silverware drawer and put it on the table without bothering to close the drawer again.

She looked at the cereal bowl all by itself on the table. Something was missing. Brittany chewed on her finger again and thought hard. "I know!" she said finally. "A drink! Mommy will want a drink to go with her cereal." She dragged a chair to the other cabinet where the cups were. She took down a red plastic cup and set it on the table. Again she left the chair where she had dragged it. She went to the refrigerator and took out the orange juice. She poured as carefully as she could, but still managed to pour about as much orange juice on to the table as she did in the glass as well as a little bit of orange juice right into the bowl with the cereal as well.

She just needed to do one last thing. She opened the pantry and reach for the box of napkins knocking over a bunch of cans in the process. She grabbed a handful of napkins. She took one and put it on the table next to the cereal and orange juice and let the other napkins flutter to the floor.

Just as she finished placing the napkin on the table, Brittany heard footsteps on the stairs. "Surprise, Mommy!" exclaimed Brittany excitedly as Mommy entered the kitchen. "I made you breakfast."

Mommy looked around. She saw all the chairs out of place. She saw the open silverware drawer. She saw messes on the counter, table and floor. She saw her daughter's proud smiling face, and she couldn't help smiling herself. "Why, yes you did." she replied.Then, she sat down to eat her breakfast, and it was very good.

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