Saturday, January 5, 2013

Too Much Macaroni

 Xyla Mayberry loved macaroni. It was her favorite. She could eat it all the time or so she thought.

One sunny Saturday, Xyla's family had a big party. All Xyla's aunts, uncles and cousin's came. Her grandparents came too. Her mother made several big huge pots of macaroni to feed everybody. She made more than enough food to feed one family. She made enough food to feed a whole army. Xyla was happy. She would be able to eat a little more macaroni the next day.

The next morning, Xyla woke up. There was a delicious smell coming from the kitchen. She came downstairs and sat down at the kitchen table. "Yum!" she said soaking in the wonderful smell. ""What is for breakfast?" she asked eagerly.

"Bacon and macaroni frittata." replied her mother.

Xyla had never had of that before. It was good though and she ate her whole plate full.

At lunch time,they had macaroni soup. Xyla ate all her food, but not as eagerly as before. She was beginning to get her fill of macaroni.

At dinner time, Mommy served macaroni casserole. Xyla sighed unhappily. She was getting tired of macaroni. She barely ate but just picked at her food.

The next morning, Xyla woke up and excitedly headed to the kitchen to have breakfast. She was eager to see what her mother had cooked up. Surely, by now, the macaroni must all be gone.

"We're having macaroni omelets." her mother said cheerfully as Xyla slid into her seat. Xyla put her face in her hands and shook her head. She was beginning to hate macaroni.

For lunch, Mommy served macaroni soup. Xyla pretended to have a stomach ache so she didn't have to eat it. It was worth it not to have to eat another meal of macaroni even though it meant her mother made her spent the afternoon in her room resting.

For dinner, there were macaroni tacos. Xyla couldn't stand it anymore. "No more macaroni!" she screamed.

"But Xyla," said her mother in surprise at her daughter's outburst. "I thought macaroni was your favorite food.

"It is." replied Xyla, "But not, every day  for every meal."

The next morning, Xyla came slowly down the stairs to breakfast. The food smelled good, but she didn't want to get too excited about it. It was probably just more macaroni. She eased herself into her chair. "What's for breakfast?" she asked her mother.

"Pancakes." replied her mother.

"Macaroni pancakes?" asked Xyla worriedly.

Her mother looked at her strangely. "No. Just regular pancakes." she replied. "Did you want me to put macaroni in your pancakes?"

"No!" exclaimed Xyla. She jumped up and hugged her mother. "I love you!." she said "and I love pancakes without macaroni!"

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