Sunday, November 4, 2012

Big Girl Beth

Today's Story is by Melia!

Beth Brooks, an 11 year old girl, lived with her mom, her dad, and her little sister Lola. Lola was 7 years old. To you and me that isn't a very big age difference, but to Beth it was. Beth was so jealous of Lola. She wished it was herself who was the youngest. Lola got away with everything. Even things Beth didn't get away with.

 "But mooom, it isn't fair." whined Beth.

. "It isn't fair to me that your whining." replied Mom. "Go to your room."

"But -" started Beth.

"I said, TO YOUR ROOM." Mom commanded. 

She had wanted to watch her favorite show, but she had used up her screen time. Later that day, a while after Beth had come out of room, Lola had asked to play her ds. "Pleeeaaaaase!" begged Lola.

"No means no!" mom answered abruptly.

"But mommy -" Lola began, but then Mom cut her off.

"Fine you can play your ds for a half hour." answered Mom.

"Thank you mommy." Lola exclaimed sweetly.

Then she ran off to play. "When I whine I get sent to my room." declared Beth. "When Lola whines she gets what she wants."

"That is not true." defended Mom.

"It is to! Lola gets everything she wants. She's so perfect. I always have to be a good influence on her. And protect her. And let her use my things. And take the high road. She just sits back and relaxes. And gets everything she wants. And never gets in trouble, or yelled at. And everybody thinks she so cute. And she's your little baby. I wish I was the youngest. " Beth explained through tears.

"Sweety, do you really feel like that?" Mom asked.

Beth nodded. "Honey, you don't have to let her use your things. She has to take the high road too sometimes. She does work too. She doesn't get everything she wants. And nobody's perfect. And she does get in trouble. And people think you are beautiful. And you are my baby too. Listen Beth, I was the oldest also. I know what it's like. I mean ya it's tough but it's also fun. She looks up to you." Mom told her.

"I guess your right." Beth agreed. They hugged.

After that Beth still got jealous sometimes, but overall Beth and Lola got along much better.

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