Monday, November 5, 2012

Baby Becka

Today's Story is by Melia!

Becka Barnaby was 4 years old. She lived with her mom, her dad, and her big sister Nicole. Nicole was 16 years old. Nicole got to do everything. And get things Becka was to young to get. Nicole even had a 1 year old puppy named Scooter, and a boyfriend named Mike. Becka was very jealous. One day Mommy was sitting on the couch in the living room, checking her email on her laptop, and Becka was sitting on the floor playing with her baby dolls when Nicole walked in. "Mom can I go to Danielle Delanardy's party she is in my homeroom. The party is this Saturday. Please." begged Nicole.

Mommy thought a moment, then answered, "You can go but be back by midnight."

"Yes!" Nicole shrieked.

"Mommy I want to go to a party like Nicole." declared Becka.

"Sorry baby, but your to young." Mommy explained.

The next day when Nicole was taking Scooter for a walk Becka said to Mommy, "I want a puppy."

"Sorry baby, but your to young." Mommy explained.

Later that week when Nicole was leaving to go on a date with Mike Becka said, "Mommy I want a boyfriend."

"Sorry baby, but your to young." Mommy explained.

"It's not fair." complained Becka.

"What's not fair?" asked Mommy.

"Nicole gets to do everything. But I can't because I'm to little. I wish I was the oldest." Becka told Mommy.

 "Baby it's nice to be the youngest also. You get to do everything last. When you see Nicole doing or getting something you know to look forward to getting to do it yourself. And the mistakes we made on Nicole we know not to make on you." Mommy explained.

Mommy gave Becka a big hug.

After that, Becka wasn't as jealous anymore.

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