Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ula's Umbrella

Ula Erickson had an umbrella. It was pink and purple with flowers and butterflies. It was fancy and frilly and super girly. It was her favorite possession. Her beloved Aunt Millie gave it to her for her 7th birthday. She used it in the sun and in the rain.

Ula had a younger sister named Adria.  Adria was jealous of Ula's umbrella. "Aunt Millie likes Ula better than me." Adria complained one day as she watched Ula get ready to go out in the rain with her umbrella.

"Of course, she doesn't." insisted Mommy. "What would make you say that?"

"She didn't give me a pretty umbrella like Ula's."

Mommy smiled. "Don't worry. You'll get one when you're older." she assured Adria  However, that was not good enough for Adria. Sometimes, she hated being the youngest. It was not fair!

About a week later, Ula's umbrella disappeared. She looked all over the house for it. She could not find it anywhere. "Adria!" she shouted angrily. "Did you see my umbrella?"

"No, I didn't." replied Adria.

"Adria!" shouted Ula even angrier. "What did you do with my umbrella?"

"What is going on?" asked Mommy upon hearing all the yelling. She did not like it when Ula and Adria screamed at each other. They were sisters. Sisters should get along.

Ula and Adria both began talking at once. "Hold on! One at a time." said Mommy. She led them to the couch in the den where they each sat on either side of her.

"Adria stole my umbrella." complained Ula.

"I did not!" insisted Adria.

"Yes, you did!" replied Ula. "I know you were always jealous, and you always wanted it.You definitely took it!"

Mommy looked Adria right in the eyes."Did you take it?" she asked.

Adria looked Mommy right back in the eyes. "No, Mommy." she replied.

"Well, alright then." said Mommy. "We'll have to look for it."

Ula shook her head. She looked from Mommy to Adria and back again. She didn't care what Adria said or what Mommy believed. She knew Adria had taken it. Adria had always been jealous of her umbrella. Ula fled from the room in tears.

Days passed. Many of them rainy ones, perfect days for Ula's umbrella. Still there was no sign of the umbrella. Ula continued to think that Adria had stolen it. Adria continued to insist that she hadn't. They barely spoke to each other except to argue. They constantly glared at each across the room. Mommy tried to get them to stop fighting. "You're sisters." she said. "Sister's need each other. You shouldn't act this way. You should kiss and make up." Ula and Adria wouldn't listen.

About a week later, Ula's best friend, Amelia came back from  a vacation to Florida. She came right over to see Ula. Ula was so happy to see her. It had been really lonely with Amelia away and not even having Adria to play with. "Oh Amelia!" she exclaimed happily upon seeing her friend on her doorstep. "I'm so happy your home. I missed you."

"I'm glad to see you too." replied Amelia  "and I brought you something."

"Oh." replied Ula excitedly. "You didn't have to." She eagerly took the plastic bag Amelia handed her. She couldn't imagine what could be inside it. Maybe, it was a t-shirt or a pretty shell or a souvenir from Disney World.

Amelia laughed. "Don't get so excited. It is not that kind of thing." she said. "I didn't get it on my vacation."

Ula frowned in confusion. Now, she really couldn't imagine what it could be. She quickly reached into the bag and pulled out her umbrella. To Ula, this was even better than a t-shirt or a shell or even a souvenir from Disney World. She was instantly filled with a jumble of emotions: relief at having her umbrella back, confusion over how Amelia got it, and regret for having accused Adria of taking it. She was so full of mixed up emotions that at first, she couldn't even talk.  She just stood there staring at her umbrella.

"You left it at my house before I went away." explained Amelia.

All Ula could do was nod. Finally, she got her emotions under control. "Adria!" she called.

Adria came running eagerly into the room. Despite, the fact that she and Ula hadn't been talking she still loved her sister and missed playing with her.

"I'm sorry, Adria." said Ula. She really really was sorry. "I'm sorry I accused you of talking my umbrella." She hugged Adria.

Adria smiled. "That's okay." she said quietly. She was glad Ula had gotten her umbrella back and Ula was speaking to her again, but she was still jealous.

Ula happily clutched her umbrella to her.  She was so happy to have it back. She couldn't bare to face another rainy day without it.  She was so lucky to have her special umbrella. Suddenly, she looked up at Adria. Adria was staring at Ula with sad puppy dog eyes. "I'm sorry, Adria." said Ula again.

"Yes,  you already said that." replied Adria.

"No, not that." said Ula. "I'm sorry that you don't have your own special umbrella like me. From now on, I am going to share my umbrella with you."

Adria's eyes lit up like candles on a cake. "Are you sure?" she asked eagerly.

"Yes. I'm sure." replied Ula sincerely. "After all, we're sisters and sister's need each other." She hugged Adria.

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