Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tammy's Not Tired

It had been a long day at the beach for  the Brady family, Mommy, Daddy, ten year old Tim, eight year old Trina, and six year old Tammy.  Everyone was tired. Mommy was tired. Daddy was tired. Tim was tired. Trina was tired. Only Tammy was  not tired or so she said.

After a full day of fun and sun, they trudged tiredly to their car lugging all their belongings with them. "I can't wait to get home, shower and crawl into my bed." said Mom.

"I still have to drive for another couple of hours until we get home." said Dad unhappily.

Tim and Trina just yawned sleepily.

Tammy walked along cheerfully smiling. She had had a really good day filled with building sandcastles, finding shells on the beach, and swimming in the ocean. She only regretted that it had come to an end. She wished they could stay at the beach forever.

They finally reach the car, threw all their stuff in the trunk and piled in.  Mom immediately fell asleep. Tim and Trina closed their eyes too. They were soon sleeping as well.

"Why don't you try sleeping too?" Dad suggested to Tammy. "It's been a long day, and it is going to be a long ride."

"But daddy, I'm not tired." insisted Tammy. "I'll keep you company while everyone else sleeps."

"Thanks, pumpkin." her Dad replied. "But that is not necessary."

"Oh, but I want to, Daddy."

Daddy drove. Mommy, Tim and Trina slept. Tammy chatted. She talked about her day at the beach. She talked about school. She talked about her friends. She talked about everything under the sun. Then, suddenly, the chatter stopped and the car was silent.

"Tammy, honey?" said Daddy. "Are you okay?" Tammy didn't answer. The car was silent except for breathing noises.

"Tammy? Are you okay?" Daddy asked again. He was worried. Tammy had stopped speaking in the middle of a sentence and that was so unlike her. He quickly glanced in his rear view mirror. There was Tammy fast asleep in the back seat in the middle of Tim and Trina.

Daddy laughed. "Not tired, huh?" he said.

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