Monday, September 17, 2012

It's a Long Long Way to Coral Gardens

Lorelei Gifford was five years old. More than anything else in the world she wanted to go to Coral Gardens. She was always hearing her Mom talk about it, and it sounded like the most beautiful place in the world. She could just picture it in her head, lush colorful gardens filled with green grass and trees and flowers of every color. Lorelei could not wait to go there. Every day, she begged "Can we go to Coral Gardens today, please?!"

Every day the answer was the same. "Not today, Lorelei."

Finally, the magical day that Lorelei had waited for came. Finally, she was going to get to go to Coral Gardens. She woke up bright and early and got dressed without Mommy having to even ask her twice. Mommy, Daddy, Lorelei, and her big sister, Ginger all  piled into the car.

For about five minutes. Lorelei sat patiently in the car waiting. Then, she got bored. "Are we there yet?" she asked.

"No, Lorelei." replied Mommy.

"Are we almost there?"


Lorelei sighed and slumped over in her seat. "Will you get off me!" demanded Ginger angrily. "You are taking up the whole seat!" She gave Lorelei a shove toward the window.

"Ow!" said Lorelei rubbing her head. "Now are we there?" she asked.

"Not yet." said Daddy. "Just relax and enjoy the ride."

Lorelei sighed again.

"Why don't you sing songs to pass the time?" suggested Mommy.

"Good idea!" exclaimed Lorelei eager to have something to do to pass the time away. She started singing the ABC song. As soon as she started Ginger took out her I-Pod and put on her own music to drown out the sound of Lorelei singing. Lorelei gave her a nasty look and sang even louder.

Lorelei went through all of the songs she could think of to sing. That took all of about five or ten minutes. Then, she was bored out again. "Are we there yet?" she asked once more.

"No!" said Mommy and Daddy and Ginger all together.

"Are  we almost there?"

"Why don't you look out the window and enjoy the ride."  suggested Mommy.

Lorelei looked out the window. They were on the highway and all she saw were other cars. She rested her head on her cheek and sighed yet again. She started kicking her leg back and forth. "Ow!" exclaimed Ginger as Lorelei accidentally kicked her. "Lorelei stop kicking me."

"Lorelei please sit still." begged Daddy. "I'm trying to drive."

Lorelei tried to sit still and quietly. She tried to concentrate really hard on the picture of Coral Gardens she had in her head. She couldn't wait to get there.

After what seemed like hours and hours to Lorelei, but was actually only about another 15 minutes or so, Mommy finally said. "We're just about there."

Lorelei was so excited. She decided to close her eyes and only open them when they arrived. A few minutes later although it seemed much longer than that, the car came to stop. Lorelei quickly undid her seat belt, jumped out of her seat, and looked up. "Oh, it's so beau--" she stopped herself before she could finish her sentence. Where were the trees? Where was the grass? Where were the flowers? Where were the beautiful gardens? All she saw in front of her was a mall.

She looked at Mom. She looked at Dad. She looked at Ginger. They all looked very serious. Still she thought it must be a joke. She started laughing. "Ha! Ha! Very funny." she said "When are we really going to get to Coral Gardens?"

"You're looking at it:" said Ginger.

Lorelei looked at Mommy and Daddy for confirmation. They nodded their heads. "This is Coral Gardens." said Mommy.  "Coral Gardens is a mall.  We thought you knew that."

"No, I didn't." replied Lorelei disappointedly. All that long boring ride for nothing she thought. Suddenly, she felt very tired.

"Well, you've finally made it to Coral Gardens." said Mommy trying to be cheerful.

"Can we go home yet?" asked Lorelei.

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