Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Where's Whitney?

It was time for bed,  Whitney Patterson was nowhere to be found. "Whitney!" her mother called. "Whitney! Where are you, Whitney?'

Mommy went into the living room. Whitney's legos were scattered on the floor. Her Princess DVD collection was  spread out on the table. Her stuffed animals filled up the couch. There was no sign of Whitney.

Mommy went into the basement. Toys and games were everywhere on the floor. Coloring books and crayons covered the table. There was no sign of Whitney.

As Mommy came back up the basement stairs, she found Whitney's older sister, Kerry. "Have you seen Whitney?" asked Mommy.

Kerry shook her head. "I'll help you look." she said. She looked out the window. Whitney's bike was on the front porch. Her jump rope was under the tree. Her pails and shovels lay on the dirt by the rose bushs. There was no sign of Whitney.

They went upstairs. Kerry went into her room. Whitney had definitely been there. Make-up was spilled on the desk. The smell of perfume filled the room. Kerry didn't know whether to be anger about the mess or worried that there was still no sign of her little sister.

In Mommy's room, the covers and pillows were all off the bed and lay in the floor in a jumbled heap. Piles of books were on the floor in front of the closet. There was no sign of Whitney.

By now. Mommy was getting worried. She didn't know whether to call Whitney's Dad or the police or both. She picked up the phone to dial. Just then, she heard the sound of Kerry's voice calling from the other room.

"Hey, Mom." called Kerry. "Come here."

Mommy hurried to the sound of Kerry's voice. She couldn't imagine what had happened to Whitney. Her mind was filled with all these terrible things. She comforted herself with the thought that Kerry didn't sound upset.

Kerry was in Whitney's room. Her room looked just as bad as the rest of the house. All the games were off the shelves and the pieces were here there and everywhere. Cut up pieces of paper overflowed the wastebasket and littered the floor. Art supplies were everywhere on the desk.

"Look Mom." whispered Kerry. She pointed to the bed. There was Whitney half under half on top of her rainbow colored covers fast asleep. She was sleeping so peacefully. She looked like such an angel. It was hard to believe someone who looked so sweet could  leave such a trail of messes everywhere.

"I never would have thought to look here." said Mommy. "I guess she tired herself out."

"I guess so." agreed Kerry.

Mommy tucked Whitney back completely under the covers. Whitney stirred, but didn't wake up. Mommy kissed her on the cheek, and  tiptoed out of the room. Kerry followed closely behind.

"Whitney must be resting up for another day of making messes." said Kerry

It tired Mommy out just thinking about it. "Oh my." she said.

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