Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Sleepover

Quinn Rutherford was so excited. She was going to have her first sleepover. She was going to spend the night at her friend, Emily Craig's house. Every day, she asked her Mommy excitedly "Is today the day?" Every day, Mommy shook her head. Every day, Quinn was disappointed.

Finally the day arrived, Quinn helped Mommy pack her clothes and a few special toys in her pink princess overnight bag that Grandma had gotten her. As they packed, Quinn noticed, Mommy looked a little bit sad. "Don't be sad, mommy." she said. "I am going to come home again, you know."

Mommy laughed and kissed Quinn on the cheek. "I know baby," she replied, "but I am still going to miss you."

"Oh, Mommy." said Quinn. "I love you, but I will be having too much fun to miss you." Quinn kissed Mommy just as Daddy came in and grabbed her bag to load it in the car. He would be driving her over to Emily's.

At Emily's, Quinn barely stopped to kiss her father goodbye before she and Emily were off to have fun. For the first few hours, they were so busy having fun, Quinn barely had time to think let alone miss Mommy and Daddy or feel sad. They played games. They danced to CDs. They played with dolls. They watched TV. They just went from one thing to another without stopping.

Finally, it was dinner time, they had Quinn's favorite macaroni and cheese with little hot dogs. For dessert, there was another of Quinn's favorite foods, chocolate ice cream. Afterwards, they took baths and put on their pajamas. Quinn wore red  polka dot pajamas and Emily wore blue flowered ones. They brushed their hair and brushed their teeth. When they were all ready, they lay in the twin beds in Emily's room. Emily's Mommy read them a story. "Please one more." they begged afterward so Emily's Mommy read them one more. "Please one more." they begged again after. This time, Emily's Mommy said no. She turned out the light and left the room shutting the door behind her.

Quinn lay in the dark bed in the dark room and got scared. "Emily." she whispered softly. Emily was exhausted after their long day together and she had fallen asleep right away so she didn't answer. "Emily!" called Quinn a little bit louder. Finally, she sat up in bed and shouted. "Emily!" Emily was a very heavy sleeper and didn't even budge. However, Emily's mother came running.

"Are you okay, Quinn?" asked Emily's mother.

"It's very dark in here." said Quinn quietly.

Emily's mother went and got a night light and plugged it in. "Goodnight, Quinn. Sweet dreams." she said to Quinn as she left the room again and shut the door.

Quinn didn't like to sleep with the door shut. She lay in bed and tried to sleep anyway, but it was no use. "Emily." she whispered softly. Emily continued snoring in her bed. "Emily!" Quinn said a little bit louder. Still, Emily slept. Finally, Quinn sat up in bed and shouted "Emily!" Once again, Emily did not budge. Once again, Emily's mother came running.

"Quinn, honey," said Emily's mother, "Is something the matter?"

"I can't sleep with the door shut." explained Quinn.

"Oh." replied Emily's mother. "Goodnight Quinn." she said. She left the room again, but she did not shut the door.

Quinn lay in bed with the night light on and the door open. It was just like being at her house except it wasn't. She realized it hadn't been the light or the door that had been the problem after all. She missed her own bed. She missed her own house. Most of all, she missed her Mommy and Daddy. "Emily." she whispered yet again.

Emily continued sleeping peacefully in the other bed. "Emily!" she called a little bit louder. Emily still didn't budge. Finally, she said up and shouted "Emily!" Once again, Emily still didn't move, but Quinn started to cry just as Emily's mother entered the room.

She sat down beside Quinn. "What's the matter?" she asked full of concern.

"I miss my Mommy and Daddy." blurted out Quinn as she continued crying.

"Oh. I see." replied Emily's mother. "Do you want to call them?"

Quinn bobbed her head up and down. Yes! Yes Yes! She did want to speak to Mommy and Daddy then maybe she would feel better. However, after she spoke to them, she didn't feel better so Daddy came to pick her up. In the car on the way home, Quinn said to Daddy disappointedly. "I guess. I'm not ready for a sleepover after all."

"That's okay." replied Daddy "You can try again in another few years."

Quinn thought about her own cozy house. She thought about her own soft bed. She thought about her Mommy and Daddy sleeping in the room right next door. She didn't think she would ever want to spend a night away from them. "Maybe in another ten or twenty years. I'll try again." she said.

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