Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lovable Laura

Laura Wells was sweet and lovable from the moment she was born. She was polite. She always listened. She never whined or carried on. She never gave her mother or father a bit of trouble. They were so proud and happy to have her for a daughter. Other parents were jealous of them for having such a good well behaved daughter.

When Laura turned two and  then three she was still as sweet and lovable as ever. There were no terrible twos. There were no horrible threes. Laura's parents were so proud. "We love you Laura." They said. "You are such a good girl."

Other parents said. "We wish our daughter (or son) was more like Laura."

Laura's parents thought. "Our Laura is so sweet. We would love to have another child just like her." So Laura turned four, and her world completely changed. She no longer had Mommy and Daddy all to herself. She had a baby sister named Janey. Laura loved her sister, but she didn't like being a sister. She wanted to have Mommy and Daddy all to herself again.

Good and sweet Laura gradually disappeared. Unhappy and uncooperative Laura appeared in her place. Laura was never polite. She didn't listen.  She whined and carried on all the time. Nobody was jealous of Mommy and Daddy for having a daughter like Laura anymore. "At least our daughter is not like that Laura Wells."" They said in relief.

Laura's parents thought 'She'll grow out of it.' They thought she was just getting used to having a new baby around. They were wrong. As she got older, Laura got worse. Laura turned five and then six and then seven. She threw tantrums. She carried on. "Shouldn't she be growing out of this by now?" her mother asked her father. Her father shook his head. He just didn't know.

One day, Mommy, Laura and Janey were in the store. Laura was having a particularly bad day. She was carrying on about something. Mommy couldn't remember what. All Mommy knew is that it was giving Mommy a headache and making Janey cry.  "Laura, please stop." begged Mommy. "Your upsetting Janey." Mommy scooped Janey up out of the cart. Janey put her arms around Mommy and instantly stopped crying.

Laura actually stopped for a minute. She looked at Mommy with a look of complete sadness. "I knew it." she mumbled under her breath.

Mommy slid Janey back in to the cart. She went over to Laura. "You knew what?" she asked Laura.

"I knew that you loved her better than me."

"What? Of course, I don't!" replied Mommy in surprise and a little bit of anger. How could Laura even think that? "I love you both the same." she replied.  She hugged Laura tightly.

"You loved the good Laura.  You don't love me." replied Laura bursting into tears.

Mommy knelt down beside her. "Now, you listen to me Laura Wells." she said. "There is no good Laura. There is no bad Laura. There is only you. You choose whether to be good or bad. I may not always like your choices, and I may not always like your behavior, but I always love you."

"You do?" asked Laura. "Do you promise?"

"Yes I do." promised Mommy.

"I'm sorry, Mommy." said Laura genuinely sorry. "I'll try to be better. I'll try to be good."

"I'd like that." said Mommy kissing her.

After that, Laura still wasn't always good and she wasn't always sweet, but she tried. She tried to be polite. She tried to listen. She tried not to whine and carry on. She didn't always succeed, but she tried. Sometimes other people were jealous and wanted their children to be just like her and sometimes, they were relieved that their children were not like her. Sometimes, Mommy and Dad were proud of her, and sometimes they weren't, but no matter  what she was always their child, and they always loved her.

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