Friday, August 31, 2012

Ivy's Not Getting Older

Ivy Wilcox was six years old, and she thought that was the perfect age to be. She was not too old and she was not to young. She decided that she would stay six for ever.

"Mommy." she said. "I am going to be six forever. I am not going to get any older."

Mommy smiled at Ivy. "Oh is that so?" she said.

Ivy sat down in front of the TV. She saw a commercial for a car. "That is a beautiful car!" she said "I"m going to drive a car like that!" she declared.

"If you aren't going to get any older, you won't get a driver's license." said her mother.

"Oh, yeah." said Ivy. She turned off the TV. She took out her best dolly and began playing with it. "Now, Annabelle, honey." she said sweetly to her doll. "It's time for you to go to bed." She tucked her doll gently into her doll cradle.

"You're a good mommy to Annabelle." Ivy's Mom told her.  "Some day you'll be a really great mommy for real. Oh wait a minute! I forgot. You're not going to grow up so you are not going to be a mommy for real."

Ivy frowned. She put her doll stuff away. 

Just then, Daddy came in from work. "Hey, princess!" he said lifting Ivy into the air and kissing her.

"Hey Daddy!" she replied kissing him back.

Daddy gently put her back down on the ground. "I have to get ready to go fishing with Grandpa."

"When are you going to take me fishing?" asked Ivy.

"When you're a little bit older." replied Daddy.

"Ivy's not getting older." explained Mommy.

"She's not?" asked Daddy. He looked at Mommy. Mommy nodded her head. He looked at Ivy. Ivy said nothing.

"Well, that's too bad." said Daddy. "I would have liked taking her fishing. She would have had fun." He went upstairs to change.

Ivy lay down on the couch starring at the floor. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Mommy's big black leather pocketbook next to the table. Mommy's purple flowered makeup bag was peeking out of it. Ivy excitedly sat up and picked up the makeup bag. "Can I put on makeup?" she asked eagerly.

"No, Ivy." said Mommy. "We've talked about this before. You're too young."

"But, I'm never going to be old enough!"

"Not if you don't get any older, you're not." said Mommy.

"I can't do anything." whined Ivy. "I can't drive a car. I can't have a baby. I can't go fishing. I can't wear makeup."

"There are a lot of things you can do. You can ride a bike. You can help take care of your baby cousin. You can go for a walk in the woods with Daddy. You can wear  a braid in your hair. As for those other things, you can do them do when you get a little bit older. If you get older. Why don't you want to get older, anyway?" asked Mommy. She sat on the couch next to Ivy.

"I don't want to get new teachers." admitted Ivy. "I don't want to go to a new school. I don't want to stop being your baby." She crawled up on Mommy's lap.

"The school year is going to end whether you get older or not and after the summer the new school year will start, " said Mommy, "but, you are always going to be my baby."

"Really?" asked Ivy hopefully.

"Really." promised Mommy "Even when you are 100 years old." she added with a grin.

Ivy smiled back. Suddenly, she felt so much better. "I think I will get older after all." she said.

"I think that sounds like a good plan." replied Mommy.

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