Friday, August 3, 2012

Hannah Wants To Help

Hannah Jordan was a very helpful girl. She liked to help her mother. She liked to help her father. She liked to help her Grandma. She liked to help everyone, but only when she wanted to help. That was the problem.

When her mother was trying to organize and file a stack of papers. There was Hannah. "Where does this go, mommy?" she asked shoving a piece of paper under her mother's nose. "How about this one?" she asked waving another one in her mother's face. She really wasn't helping at all. Her constant interruptions, just distracted her mother so her mother couldn't get anything done.

"Hannah, please go and play!" begged Mommy finally.

Hannah didn't really want to leave. She wanted to help. Mommy insisted so finally Hannah agreed to leave her alone. "If you're sure you don't need me." she  said to Mommy creeping slowly out  of the room in case Mommy changed her mind and needed Hannah after all.

"I'll be fine really." Mommy assured her as she turned her attention back to her stack of papers.

Yet when they walked in the door and Mommy's arms were filled with packages, Hannah disappeared up the stairs the moment, they walked in the door. "Hannah! Hannah!" called Mommy trying to carry all the packages into the kitchen and put them on the table without dropping them. "Hannah, please come and help me!" Still Hannah was no where to be found. The phone started ringing and half the packages dropped to the floor before the loud crash finally brought Hannah back to the kitchen to help.

When Daddy was working with tools, Hannah was there to help. "What does this tool do?" she asked pointing to a tool. "What does that one do?" she asked picking up another and swinging it in the air.

"Put that down before, you get hurt." said Daddy angrily.

"I was only trying to help." said Hannah just about bursting into tears.

"I know honey bun." Daddy said much more sweetly. "But I've gotten this covered. Why don't you go see what Mommy is doing."

"Okay, Daddy." replied Hannah feeling a little bit rejected as she left the room.

Yet, when Daddy was cleaning out the garage and he needed Hannah to help by putting away her outside toys, she was no where around. "Hannah! Hannah!" he called, but Hannah didn't answer. Hannah was too busy playing.

When she went to Grandma's house, and Grandma was trying to cook breakfast, there was Hannah eager to help. "Can I crack an egg?" she asked excitedly grabbing one and  starting to squeeze it. Grandma quickly pried it out of her hand before she squashed it all over the counter. "I'll make the toast then." said Hannah. She took a hand full of bread and proceeded to drop it all over the floor.

"Sit down, Hannah, please." insisted Grandma.

"Okay, Grandma." said Hannah disappointedly. She really wanted to help.

Yet, when Grandma was doing the laundry and she needed Hannah to help her pick up the clothes that had fallen on the floor, Hannah was not there. "Hannah, Hannah!" called Grandma clutching her aching back. "Please come and help, Grandma." Hannah was so busy watching TV that she didn't even hear Grandma calling.

"What's wrong?" asked Daddy upon finding Hannah curled up on the couch with her head buried in a pillow.

"Oh, Daddy. " replied Hannah lifting her tear stained face off the pillow. "Why can't I help? Nobody ever lets me help." She threw herself into Daddy's arms.

Daddy hugged her tightly. "Oh, honey bun." he said gently. "Helping is not about helping when you want to help. Helping is about helping when somebody needs help."

"But how do I know when someone needs help?" she asked worriedly.

"Just ask." Daddy replied.

"Oh." said Hannah thoughtfully, and from then on she always tried to remember to ask before she helped.

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