Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cammie Can Do It

 Cammie Crawford could do a lot of things. She could write her name. She could count to 100. She could run and jump and skip and hop. She didn't think there was anything that she couldn't do. She certainly didn't think there was anything that her big sister, Stacy and her big brother Hank could do that she couldn't do. After all, she was not a baby like her little sister, Missy.

When she saw her brother, Hank carrying the trash out to the curb. She hurried over to help him. "Thanks, Cammie, but I --" he started to say

"I can do it." interrupted Cammie. She grabbed one of the large black garbage bags out of his hand and dropped it on the ground. The contents of the bag spread quickly all over the lawn. "Cammie!" he yelled at her. "Could you please go away, and let me do it?" he knelt down and started picking up the garbage and putting it back in the bag as Cammie sadly scrambled away.

Stacy was in the house watching Missy. "Boy, do you need a change." she said smelling a bad odor coming from the direction of the baby.

"I'll change her." offered Cammi eagerly.

"That's okay." said Stacy.

"I can do it." insisted Cammie. She swooped Missy up in her arms, settled her on the ground in front of herself and proceeded to put a diaper on the baby. No sooner had she finished diapering Missy when the baby crawled away. As she crawled her diaper promptly slipped off. Stacy scooped her up to rediaper her as Cammie sadly snuck out of the room.

She went into the kitchen. She sat at the table with her head down. "I can't do anything." she mumbled to herself.

"What's that?" asked Mommy entering the room. She saw Cammie sitting at the table and looking sad and sat down beside her. "What's wrong?" she asked.

"Oh, mommy!" sighed Cammie throwing herself into her mother's comforting arms. "I can't do anything! I can't take out the garbage! I can't diaper Missy! I  can't do anything that Hank or Stacy does!"

"Well, honey, " replied her Mother. "Hank and Stacy are older than you. You can do a lot of things but you can't necessarily do everything that they do. Just like Missy can't do everything you can do. Some day, you'll be bigger though and you'll be able to do the things they do now."

Cammie instantly brightened. She wasn't happy that she would be able to do what Hank and Stacy did when she got older. Hank and Stacy would always be older than her, and they would always be able to do things she couldn't do. However, she was thrilled that Missy would always be younger and she would always be able to do things Missy couldn't do.

Just at that moment, Missy crawled over to Cammie. Cammie scooped her up in her arms and kissed her on the head. "Don't worry, Missy." she said to her little sister. "Someday, you'll be big like me, and you can do the things I do."

'But I'll always be older, and I always be able to do more than you.' she added to herself happily.

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