Monday, August 13, 2012

Call Me Catelyn

Catelyn Pierce loved her name. She thought Catelyn  was the most beautiful name in the world. She never got tired of hearing it. The only problem was she hardly ever did. Hardly anybody ever called her Catelyn.

Her mother called her Cay. As in, "Cay, honey, did you do your homework?" as she asked every afternoon as she made dinner.

"My name is Catelyn!" Catelyn would say.

Her mother would smiled and  kiss her on the head and tell her to go finish her homework.

Her mother continued to call her Cay.

Her father called her Catie. As in, "Hello, Catie, did you have a nice day?" as he called out to Catelyn every day as he walked in the house after work.

"My name is Catelyn!" Catelyn would state.

Her Dad would kiss her. "I know what your name is." he would say  with a huge smile. "I named you."

Her father continued to call her Catie.

Her sister, Caroline, called her Lynn. As in, "You stay out of my stuff, Lynn!"

"My name is Catelyn!" Catelyn would insist.

Her sister would look at her as though Catelyn were a little bug on the bottom of her shoe and slam the bedroom door.

Her sister continued to call her Lynn.

Her brother, Chris called her, Lynnie. As in, "Hey, Lynnie, what's up?"

"My name is Catelyn!" Catelyn would yell.

Her brother would smile and ruffle her hair and go off to play some sport with his friends.

Her brother continued to call her Lynnie.

Her grandfather called her Caroline. As in, "Caroline, can you fetch me my slippers? My feet are a bit cold."

"My name is Catelyn!" Catelyn would remind him.

Her grandfather would continue to call her Caroline.

Finally, Catelyn  had had enough. That night, she stood up at the dinner table. "My name is Catelyn!" she yelled. "My name is not Cay! My name is not Catie!  My name is not Lynn! My name is not Lynnie! My name is especially not Caroline! My name is Catelyn!"

Her family said in stunned silence. "Well, okay." her father replied finally. "If you feel that strongly about it, we'll call you Catelyn from now on."

Her mother nodded in agreement. "Sure, we will." she agreed. She gave a look to Caroline and Chris, and they nodded in agreement as well. Her grandfather nodded too although he had no idea what they were talking about.

From that day on, everyone in the family called her Catelyn. Not Cay. Not Catie. Not Lynn. Not Lynnie. Just Catelyn. Everyone called her Catelyn except for her grandfather who continued to call her Caroline or Chris or whatever name came to his mind at the time.

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