Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bella and the Baby Bird

 Today's Story is by Melia

Bella Collins was a little girl who lived with her Nanny and Papa. One day Bella was playing  in the garden, when she heard a faint noise coming from the bushes. Bella went over to see what the noise was and she found a baby bird. Bella took the baby bird in the house to show to Nanny. Nanny was a vet. She told Bella the baby bird probably fell out of  it's nest. Bella went to show Papa. Papa was also a vet. He told Bella the bird broke it's wing. Bella found an empty shoe box, and laid out a blanket made for a doll in the box. Then she put in some grass and twigs, and last she put in birdseed. Then she cuddled the bird and put it in the box. Bella kept the bird for a month, then she took the bird in her hands outside. The bird didn't budge. Bella brought the bird back inside and told Nanny. Nanny said Bella could keep it for a pet. Papa told her it was a she. Papa said that the bird was loyal because she did not leave. She stayed with Bella. So Bella named the bird Loyal. Because Loyal was Bella's loyal companion. And Bella kept her for a very long time.

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