Friday, July 27, 2012

Scaredy Cat Sue

Sue Phillips was afraid of almost everything. She was afraid of high places. She was afraid of low places. She was afraid of small places. She was afraid of big places. She was afraid of many different animals and creatures, dogs, cats, and spiders to name just a few. More than anything she was afraid of other people except her family. She didn't talk to any of the kids in her school. They all thought she was weird. They called her  "Scaredy Cat Sue."

Shayna Phillips was Sue's little sister. She was not afraid of anything. She liked high places. She liked low places. She liked big places. She liked small places. She loved all kinds of animals and creatures even spiders. Most of all, she loved other people. She talked to everyone and anyone. She was friends with everybody in her class.

"You shouldn't be  so scared, Sue." Shayna encouraged  Sue when she saw her sitting alone on the playground. "Make friends. Have fun."

"You should be more careful." Sue told Shayna in return when she saw her crawling across the top of the monkey bars. "If you keep doing things like that. You're going to get hurt."

Shayna just laughed. "Oh don't be so fuddy duddy." she said. "At least I know how to have a good time and have fun. At least I'm not afraid of everything and everybody." She hurried off with her friends.

Sue buried herself back in her book. After a while, Sue looked up and Shayna was missing. Sue went looking for her. She looked all over the playground she saw a lot of Shayna friend's but she didn't see Shayna.

Finally, she looked in the parking lot. Shayna couldn't be there, could she? She knew better than to go in the street, didn't she? Yet,  there was Shayna kneeling on the street in the parking lot a few feet away from the curb with a little gray puppy in her arms.

"Oh, Suzie." said Shayna looking up for a minute and seeing her sister. "I think this poor little guy is lost I found him in the parking lot." She snuggled the puppy to her chest.

Sue took a step back. "Do you ever think, Shayna?" she asked angrily. "You don't know anything about that dog. You don't know if he has an owner who is looking for him. You don't know if he's a stray. For all you know, he could have rabies or something. And your sitting there in the ground in the middle of a parking lot, for heaven's sake. You could get hurt!" She shook her head  in disgust at her sister.

Shayna frowned at Sue. She wasn't worried at all. It was just Sue being Scaredy Cat Sue and worrying about everything as usual. Shayna looked  away from her sister and looked back down at the puppy in her arms. "He's such a sweet little thing." she said. "I'm sure he's not sick."

"You should get out of the street." Sue told her.

Before Shayna had a chance to react a car came screeching through the parking lot. It was a group of rowdy teenagers. They were goofing around and listening to loud music and didn't even notice Shayna sitting in the road.The car was headed right for her.

"Shayna!" screamed Sue. The puppy leaped out of Shayna's arms startled at the loud noise and scurried away. At the same moment, Sue reached into the road and pulled Shayna with all of her might out of the road and up onto the curb.

Shayna lay in the grass with her eyes closed for a few moments. Suzie worriedly stood over her. Finally, Shayna opened her eyes and sat up carefully. "Sue." she said gratefully. "You saved my life. You weren't scared at all. You were brave."

"I guess. I was brave." Sue admitted. She hadn't thought about being scared at all. She had just done what she needed to do.

"Now you don't have to be afraid anymore." Shayna said excitedly. "You can climb up to the top of the monkey bars. You go crawl underneath the front porch. You can pet a dog. You can do anything. They won't be able to call you Scaredy Cat Sue anymore.They'll have to call your Brave Sue!"

"Whoa, hold on." Sue  said worriedly flicking a crawling spider off her arm. "Let's just take this one thing at a time." she said. She had to admit though she liked the idea of not being called Scaredy Cat Sue anymore. Brave Sue had a nice ring to it.

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