Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Gabriella Goes to Grandmas

"Is today the day? Is today the day?" every day Gabriella Velarde would ask her mother excitedly.

Every day, the answer would be the same. "No, not yet." Mommy would reply. "Let's go and cross another day off the calender." They would put another red X on the calender on the wall. Gabriella knew that when they got to the day that was circled  in blue marker her special weekend would be there, and she would be going to visit her grandmother. However, the days passed slowly and the circled day didn't seem to get any closer at least it didn't feel like it was to Gabriella.

Finally, one morning, Gabriella lay in bed not wanting to look at the calender and be disappointed again. Mommy poked her head in the doorway and smiled. "Go and look at the calender, sweetie." she urged. At first Gabriella didn't move, but then she got up and dragged herself out of her room and to the calender in the kitchen.

"Mommy!" she cried excitedly. "Today is the day! Today is the day I go to Grandma's!  I have to pack!" Mommy laughed and went into her own room to get dressed.

After a few minutes, Gabriella called frantically. "Mommy! Mommy! Come help! I can't get my suitcase off the bed."

Mommy entered the room and calmly tried to lift the suitcase off the bed. "What do you have in here rocks?" she teased. She opened the suitcase and found it full of toys, almost all of the toys from Gabriella's toy box. In fact, that is all there was in it at all  just toys. There was not one article of clothing or toothbrush or a brush or anything but toys.

"Gabriella," Mommy laughed. "Are you going to wear your toys?"

"Of course, not mommy." replied Gabriella seriously.

"Well, there isn't any room for any clothes in this suitcase. Do you have to take all your toys? You are only going to be gone for two nights."

Gabriella frowned all her toys were her favorites, and she hated to be parted with any of them. However, she reluctantly allowed Mommy to talk her down to only taking her three special favorite toys, her stuffed unicorn, her best baby doll, and her zebra, Zeke.  Then, Mommy helped her pack her clothes, and her toothbrush and her brush and everything else she needed aside from her toys.

When they were finished, then went downstairs to wait for Grandma. Gabriella sat out on the old wicker rocking chair on the front porch with her suitcase by her side. "Wouldn't you like to wait inside?" asked Mommy.

"No, thank you." Gabriella replied politely.

Mommy smiled, but Gabriella thought she could see a tear in the corner of mommy's eye. "Oh, Gabriella. You're are getting to be so big." Mommy said with a mixture of sadness and happiness. "I am going to miss you this weekend."

"I will miss you too, mommy, " replied Gabriella, "but you know I am coming back."

"Yes. I know." said Mommy hugging Gabriella tightly, "but I will still miss you."

Just then, Grandma's big old black car pulled up in the driveway, and she honked the horn in greeting.

Gabriella practically ran off the porch lugging her suitcase with her. Mommy started to come off the porch to help her. "No, mommy." she said. "I'm a big girl. I can do it, myself."

"Yes, you are a big girl, aren't you?" replied Mommy a little bit sadly. She sat in the porch chair looking as if she was going to jump out of her chair at any minute.

Gabriella went to Grandma's car. Grandma helped her put the suitcase in the trunk. Gabriella got in the back seat of the car and buckled her seat belt. "Goodbye, mommy!" she called waving frantically.

"Bye sweetie." called her mother waving back. "You be good!"

"I will. You be good too!" relied Gabriella. This time Gabriella was sure she could see a tear in her mother's eye as she and Grandma pulled away in Grandma's car. Mother's sure could be silly crying even on happy occasions. Gabriella quickly put that thought out of her mind and looked forward to the weekend ahead.

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