Friday, July 20, 2012

Felicity Goes Fishing

Felicity Anders was awoken to the sound of her little sister, Florrie squealing in her ear. "Is it time, yet, Is it time?"

Felicity stirred and opened her eyes tiredly. The fact that the room was still pitched dark wasn't helping her wake up."Time for what?" she asked. It was way too early to be awake as far as she was concerned.

"Time to go to the park with Uncle Jake."

'Oh yeah' Felicity thought to herself. This was the day Uncle Jake, Dad's fun younger brother was taking them out. She was looking forward to it, Uncle Jake was going to teach her how to fish. It was much to early to think about that now. At least it felt that way.

She forced her eyes open wide and starred at the clock. "Not for a few hours. Go back to bed." Florrie wandered off back to her own room disappointedly.

It seemed like only a few minutes later that the alarm clock went off, but it was actually a few hours. Felicity and Florrie got dressed and soon Uncle Jake was there. They loaded up the car quickly and drove to the park.  The drive was filled with Florrie's excited chatter.

At the park, Uncle Jake set up the fishing poles by the lake. Felicity sat on the shore beside him while Florrie sat in the grass nearby playing. She still kept chattering away half to herself or some invisible friend and half to her sister and her uncle.

After an hour of not even getting a bite, Felicity was  frustrated. "Shut up, Florrie!" she said angrily. "No wonder the fish aren't biting. You are scaring them away! Can't you ever be quiet?"

Florrie instantly got quiet.  She looked at her sister with a mixture of sadness and anger. She moved a little bit away from her sister.

No sooner had Florrie moved away when Felicity felt a tugging on her line. "Uncle Jake!" she called excitedly. "I think I've got something!"

"Let me see there, Felicity." said Uncle Jake. "Whoa, there. It looks like a big one." He helped Felicity reel in the fish.

It turned out to not be such a big fish after all. Still, Felicity was really excited to actually have caught any fish. "Florrie! Florrie!, Look what I caught." she said.

Florrie glared at her sister. She still wasn't ready to forgive her sister for yelling at her. She moved further away.

After a few hours, Felicity and Uncle Jake caught a few more small fish. Florrie was getting bored. She forgot about being angry and wandered closer again. "Why can't I go fishing?" she whined to Uncle Jake.

"You're too little." Felicity told her.

"No, I am not. Am I, Uncle Jake?"

Uncle Jake smiled at Florrie. "Don't worry, Kitten." he told her. "I'll take you fishing too when you're Felicity's age."

That did it for Florrie. She hated to be told she could not do things until she was Felicity's age. She was never going to be Felicity's age. Felicity was always going to be older and able to do more things.

This time instead of wandering away Florrie came closer. "I can fish now too! I can!" she declared. She pushed past Felicity and grabbed Felicity's fishing pole.

Felicity worriedly looked at her little sister leaning over the lake. "Careful, Florrie." she warned. "Your going to- "

It was too late. Before, Felicity could even get the words out, Florrie landed with a splash in the middle of the lake. It wasn't really that deep where they were, but it was deep for Florrie.As soon as she hit the water, she opened her mouth in surprise and swallowed a mouthful of lake water.  She started coughing and couldn't stop.

"Florrie!" Felicity screamed in terror. Before Uncle Jake could even react, she had kicked off her shoes and jumped in the lake. She swam over to Florrie and scooped her up in her arms. "Are you all right?" she asked worriedly.

Florrie nodded. She looked a little pale, but she had finally managed to catch her breath. "I'm okay." she said hugging Felicity tightly around the neck as she was still in Felicity's arms. "I love you." she said smiling at her sister.

"I love you too." replied Felicity smiling back with relief that Florrie was okay.

Uncle Jake smiled at both his nieces. "Well, Felicity," he said. "It looks like you made the biggest catch of the day."

Felicity looked at her sister in her arms and her smile got even brighter. "I guess I did." she replied.

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