Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dumb Dolly and Smart Sabrina

Today's Story is by Melia

Sabrina Speller was a nine year old girl.  She was so smart that she was in a world record book. She had tons of friends. Every girl or boy she knew had asked her for help sometime or another. Dolly Dover was also a nine year old girl. She wore dark blue glasses. She was not very smart. She never got anything higher than a D,  in school. She only had one friend. That friend was Sabrina. Actually they were best friends. They had known each other since they're mothers met in the hospital when their daughters were born.

"Sabrina time for school." called Mommy.

"Coming." answered Sabrina.

Ding dong! "I'll get it!" shouted Sabrina. She raced down the rough, beige staircase.

"Hey.What's up?" questioned Dolly.

"Hello." replied Sabrina. Then they walked to the bus stop together. That day in school there was a big test called the NJ ASK.  Sabrina's desk was right next to Dolly's. Dolly hated huge tests. She knew she hadn't done good in school and she would repeat the year if she did bad.

'Sabrina's the smartest person I've ever met in all nine years of my life. If I just  copy her test I'll ace it and pass. No that's wrong. But then again, I can't fail this test. Sabrina won't know. Besides she wants to be in my class. So I can't fall behind.' Dolly thought.

Meanwhile, Sabrina was focusing on her test making sure she did good. Everyone envied her smartness, but she wasn't perfect. She  struggled sometimes just like everyone else. She just thought carefully about every possibility. And she studied an hour every day. Sabrina knew that Dolly was going to do super on her test. But Dolly didn't. Dolly failed. While Sabrina was working on a story for the test, Dolly was looking at Sabrina's paper! She had gone through with cheating. But Dolly wasn't wearing her glasses. When she tried to see she could only make out some of the words. When Mrs. Alzheimer was looking over her students shoulder's at their papers she noticed Dolly's story didn't make sense. But the words seemed like Sabrina's. "Sabrina, Dolly please come out in the  hall with me for a minute." Mrs. Alzheimer whispered just loud enough for the two of them to hear.

"Yes Mrs Alzheimer." asked Sabrina.

Dolly was very nervous. "I noticed your stories were very similar.  Anything to confess girls."

Sabrina shot Dolly a confused expression. Dolly blushed.  "Fine you know I hate to do this, but if know one's going to talk I'm throwing away both your tests and you'll both get zeroes!" Mrs. Alzheimer whisper yelled.

Sabrina had never been in trouble before in her life, and Mrs. Alzheimer was so nice. Well, Dolly was torn she couldn't repeat the year, but she couldn't stand to see her best friend so upset. Sabrina had gotten A+'s her whole life. "I cheated so I wouldn't have to repeat the year." Dolly blurted. She blushed even harder.

Sabrina looked shocked and angry. "I should have known. Sabrina I'm sorry I ever doubted you. Go back to your test,  ten extra minutes." Mrs. Alzheimer exclaimed. I hope your happy because now your immediately repeating the year and staying after school to do the test over."

After that Sabrina aced the test and went into fourth grade. While Dolly did over third grade. The two never spoke again.

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