Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cute Corrie and Jealous Joanna

Corrie Grayson was so cute! Everyone said so. Joanna Grayson was her sister. She was tired of hearing about how cute Corrie was. Corrie was 5. Joanna was 9.

Even Joanna's friends loved her sister. "Oh, Joanna. Your sister is so cute!" They said  Joanna hated that.  Lots of times they wanted to let Corrie hang around with Joanna and  them. Joanna hated that even more.

To Joanna, Corrie was not so cute. To Joanna, Corrie was a big pain. She took Corrie's stuff and left her own stuff all over Joanna's room. She followed Joanna around and copied what she did and said. Joanna hated it.

"I wish I had a cute little sister like you." gushed Joanna's friends.

'I wish you had a little sister too.' Joanna thought. Instead of herself she meant.

Joanna hated when her Mom told her. "Corrie copies you because she loves you so much and wants to be like you. Someday, she won't care what you do and she won't want to copy you, and then you'll miss it."

Joanna couldn't imagine that. She couldn't wait for the day when Corrie would stop following her around and coping her. However, the thing that bothered her the most about Corrie was that she was so cute. Joanna felt like when Corrie was around nobody noticed her. She was not important she was just cute Corrie's big sister.

Sometimes, Joanna got jealous of Corrie. Sometimes, she felt so jealous it was though as if  the jealousy were burning a whole inside her. She felt bad about it, but she couldn't stop it. Sometimes, she would get so mad and jealous that she would take it out on Corrie. "Why don't you go away? I wish I was an only child!" she would shout. Corrie would usually go away crying. Joanna felt bad afterwards but she just couldn't stop herself from yelling at Corrie until it was too late.

One day, Grandma Flossie came to visit. "Where is my beautiful grandaughter?" she asked looking around.

Joanna sighed. "Corrie is outside, Grandma." she said.

Grandma laughed and gave Joanna a big hug. "I was talking about you, dear." she said.

"Me?" replied Joanna in surprise.

"Yes. You dear."

"But Corrie is the cute one. Everyone says so." replied Joanna sadly.

"Of course, Corrie is cute, but that doesn't mean you are not pretty. I can have two beautiful granddaughters and two smart granddaughters and two granddaughters whom I love very much. " insisted Grandma hugging Joanna again.

"I love you, Grandma." replied Joanna hugging her back.

The next day, Joanna's friend, Judy came over. Corrie was hanging around, but Judy didn't seem to notice. "Don't you want to meet my cute little sister?" asked Joanna.

"Why should I?" asked Judy without really seeming to care.

"Don't you want to ask me if my cute little sister can hang around with us?" asked Joanna.

Judy looked confused. "I thought you wanted to play with me." she said, "but, if you would rather play with your sister I can leave." She started to get up and head toward the door.

"No!" screamed Joanna. "I mean please stay. I mean I want to play with you."

Judy smiled. "Good because I want to play with you too."

Joanna smiled back. It was so nice to have a friend that did not care about Corrie.

That night, Joanna overheard Corrie talking to their mother, "Joanna is so smart." she said. "I can never be as smart as Joanna. Nobody cares about me when Joanna is around." she complained.

Joanna was stunned. Corrie was jealous of her too? She didn't want Corrie to have to feel that way. She knew how jealousy could make you feel. She knew how it could burn a whole in your stomach. She didn't want Corrie to feel that way.

"Don't worry, Corrie." she said hurrying to her sister's room. "You are smart too." she said."And the older you get the smarter you will get."

"I will?" said Corrie hopefully.

"Sure." replied Joanna with a smile. "Smart runs in the family." she said.

"Will people ever like me like they like you?" asked Corrie.

"They love you already. You are sweet and adorable." replied Joanna.

"I am?" asked Corrie in surprise.

Joanna nodded. Even, she had to admit that sometimes Corrie was sweet and adorable. Just sometimes.

"Do you love me? asked Corrie.

Joanna nodded. "Yes, I do." she replied certainly and even though Corrie could be a pain at times and even though being Corrie's big sister could be a pain at times, she really meant it. She really loved her little sister.

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