Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Hate My Sister

"For the last time! I did not take your Littlest Pet Shops!" Melaine Prescott screamed at her older sister Anna. Melaine was 5. Anna was 8. They had an extreme love/hate relationship. One minute they were each other's best friends. The next they were screaming at each other.

Anna jerked the toys out of Melaine's arms. Melaine started crying loudly.

Mommy poked her head out of  her bedroom. She had the phone in her hand. "Please keep it down." she said. "I'm on the phone. If you can't work it out quietly, you need to go to your own rooms for a while."

Anna glared at Melaine. Melaine glared back. Neither of them moved. Mommy gave them an angry glare of her own. Both girls scurried to their rooms. Mommy put the phone back up to her ear and disappeared back into her own room.

Melaine grabbed her favorite stuffed cat, Popsicle, and threw herself down on her bed. Why did she have to have a sister anyway? She wished she were an only child. She closed her eyes and buried her face in Popsicle's soft fur.

When she opened her eyes, she played in her room for while and looked at some of her books. She quickly grew bored though, and went looking for something to do. She decided to make up with Anna so she would have someone to play with.

Anna's door was closed. 'That's kind of weird' thought Melaine noticing that Anna's Disney Channel posters were missing from her door. She knocked on the door, but no one answered. "Anna! Anna!" she called. "I'm sorry! I want to play with you."

Mommy poked her head out of her room once again. "What is all the racket?" she asked Melaine.

"I'm looking for Anna. I want to play with her." Melaine explained.

"What?" asked Mommy in surprise

Melaine smiled. That mommy was such a kidder. "Really funny, mommy." she said.

"Who is Anna?"

"My sister, Anna." Melaine explained playing along as if Mommy really didn't know.

"Oh. Is Anna another one of your invisible friends?"

Now, Melaine was beginning to get worried. This wasn't funny anymore. Why was Mommy pretending not to know Anna? Melaine threw open Anna's door. There was no sign of Anna. Her desk, her bed, her dresser and all her things were missing. All that was in the room were some book shelves and a desk. "Mommy!" she screamed in terror. "Where is Anna? Where are her things! What have you done with my sister!"

Mommy looked at Melaine as though she were crazy. "Sweetheart," she said worriedly. "You know you don't really have a sister, don't you? You know you've always been an only child."

Melaine didn't know anything of the sort. Had the whole world gone crazy? She ran out of the room crying. She ran into her own room and threw herself down on her bed.

The next thing she knew she was being awakened by somebody shaking her. "Wake up, dork. It's time for dinner." said a familliar voice.

Melaine sat up quickly and opened her eyes wide. "Anna!" she exclaimed happily jumping out of bed and throwing her arms around her sister. She kept hugging Anna tightly to make sure that she was real.

"Hey, you're squeezing me!" said Anna pushing her sister away a little bit.

It must have been a dream just a crazy scary dream.  "I love you Anna."  exclaimed Melaine hugging her sister again but gently this time. "I'm glad you're my big sister. I'm sorry about before."

"I love you too, dork." replied Anna hugging her back. "I'm glad your my little sister, and I'm sorry too, and now we both better go downstairs for dinner or else mom will make us both really sorry." Melaine smiled and followed her sister out of the room.

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