Sunday, June 10, 2012

Franny Finds A New Friend

It was a sad sad day for Franny Whitman, the day that her best friend, Josie moved away. She and Josie had been best friends since preschool. Franny remembered the first day they met. She nervously sat on the front steps of the red brick school house. A beautiful bubbly little blond haired girl approached her. "Hi" she said warmly. "I'm Josie Danbury, and you and I are going to be friends." From that moment on, they were.

They were the best of friends. They did everything together. They were perfect together. Franny was a little bit shy. Josie made her braver. Josie was a little bit wild. Franny made her calmer.

Then, Josie's father got transferred to California. Two months later, they packed up their house and moved out.When Franny watched the moving trucks pull away, her eyes filled with tears. She felt like she'd never be happy again.  For a month, she moped around feeling sad, and looking sad and not really doing anything.

Finally, after about a month, Mommy had enough. "Franny," she said, "Come with me for a walk."

Franny shook her head. She didn't move off the living room couch. "No, thanks, mommy." she said.

Mommy grabbed Franny's hand and pulled her up off the couch. "I wasn't asking." said Mommy. "I was telling you. We are going for a walk. Enough sitting around and feeling sorry for yourself." She ushered Franny to the door. They headed outside and up the block.

A few houses later, they came to a stop. Franny looked up at a familiar blue house. Josie's! She wondered what Josie was doing at that moment. She wondered if Josie liked California. She wondered if Josie missed her as much as she missed Josie.

"Come on," Mommy pulled Franny out of her thoughts and pushed her along straight up Josie's old driveway. Franny didn't know whether to cry or scream. Why was Mommy doing this to her? The last place she wanted to be was in front of Josie's old house, and the last thing she wanted to do was go in.

"It's about time, we met our new neighbors," said Mommy cheerfully as they neared the front door.

Before, Franny could open her mouth to protest, the door swung open. Out walked  a tall pretty dark haired woman and her equally as pretty daughter who looked to be about Franny's age. The daughter's eyes were red. She looked as though she'd been crying. She looked as sad as Franny felt.

Mommy extended her hand to the girl's mother. "Hi. We're the Whitman's. I'm Beth, and this is my daughter, Franny."

The woman smiled. "We're the Murphy's. I'm Connie and this is my daughter, Jess." Jess smiled weakly as her mother pointed to her. "It's so nice of you to stop by today." continued Jess' mother ushering them into the house. "It's nice to meet you. Beth, and you too Franny. It is so nice of you to come over and see Jess, Franny. She is feeling sad today. She was missing our old neighborhood and her old friends."

Franny looked at Jess' sad face. She knew what it felt like to be that sad and lonely. She was feeling it now, but she didn't have to neither did Jess. She knew what she needed to do. She knew what Josie would have wanted her to do, what Josie would have done. She extended her hand to Jess and smiled. "Hi. I'm Franny. You and I are going to be friends."

"I'd like that." replied Jess smiling back.

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