Friday, June 22, 2012

Abby's Afraid of the Dark

Abby Carrington was a very brave girl. She was not afraid of spiders or snakes. She was not afraid of small places or loud noises. The only thing she was afraid of was the dark. Every night when her mommy or daddy put her to bed, she would call out worriedly, "Don't forget to leave the light on!"

That was okay for a while, but when she got a little older people would say "Don't you think you're a little too old to be afraid of the dark?" or "Why don't you try on sleeping with the light off just this once." Abby would ignore them when she could. When she couldn't she would turn white as a sheet and say "No! No! No!" in a frightened voice.

Mommy and Daddy tried to help get over her fear of the dark. They even got her a dog. They wanted to get her a a bigger dog like a collie or labrador retriever, but she had her heart set on a little honey colored cocker spaniel so that's what they got. Abby called her dog Marigold. She loved Marigold more than anything and slept with her every night, but she was still afraid of the dark. She still slept with the light on.

Marigold was a lovable little dog. She adored Abby and was her constant companion. She hated to be without Abby, and when Abby wasn't home, she would frequently go to the door or window waiting for Abby to be home. She was brave too, but just like Abby she had one great fear. Marigold was afraid of loud noises.

It was the 4th of July. Marigold was in the house. It was the one time of year when they usually tried to keep Marigold in the house because she would be afraid of the loud noise of the fireworks. Mommy and Daddy and Abby were in the backyard lighting sparklers and having a good time. They were waiting for the town fireworks. They took place at the high school baseball stadium but you could see them from Abby's backyard.

They finished setting off their sparklers, but it still wasn't quite time for the big fireworks. Mommy went into the house to get them something to drink while they waited. Just as she opened the door to go in the house, Marigold ran out of the house like a shot. "Marigold!" exclaimed Abby angrily reaching for her to take her back in the house.At just that moment, the first loud bang of fireworks went off.  Marigold slipped out of Abby's grasp and ran around the front of the house and under the front porch.

"Marigold!" exclaimed Abby again, but this time in a frightened voice. She and Daddy took off after Marigold. They found her under the porch and try to get her to come out. "Come on, Marigold, sweetie." said Abby, "Please come out!" Marigold stayed put.

"Go and get her some treats." suggested Daddy. Abby did. However, even when she offered Marigold treats, Marigold still refused to come out from under the porch.

Another loud firework went off. Marigold dug a little further under the porch and began whimpering. Abby crawled under the porch too and put her arms around Marigold. She didn't even think about how dark it was. She just knew that she was the only one who could fit under there, and she didn't want Marigold to be alone.

Finally, the fireworks ended and Abby was able to get Marigold to come out from under the porch with her. "Is Marigold going to be alright?" Abby asked Mommy worriedly.

"Sure." replied Mommy."How are you?"

"I'm fine." replied Abby as she stood up and brushed as much dirt as she could off of her.

"I'm really proud of you." said Mommy.

"You are?" asked Abby a little bit surprised.

"You didn't even think about how dark it was under that porch. Marigold needed you and you went to her."

Abby hadn't even really thought about that. "I did, didn't I?" she said proud of herself too. She had faced her fears. She had gone into the scary dark and nothing bad had happened to her. Maybe, the dark was not so scary after all. Abby didn't think it was. From that night, she never slept with the light on again.

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