Monday, May 21, 2012

Heather Opens Her Heart

Heather Mays loved the Polly the Princess show. It was her favorite show in the whole world. It was her favorite thing in the whole world. She had Polly dolls, and Polly toys and every Polly DVD ever made. Invisible Polly was her best friend in the world, and she didn't think she needed anything or anyone else.

It drove her family crazy. Mom and Dad were always trying to get her to try new things. "The Calico Kitty show looks really good." said Mommy one day when she and Heather were snuggling on the couch watching TV. Heather just  ignored her and kept on watching the Polly the Princess show.

"Wouldn't you like to get this Curious George book?" asked Daddy one day at the book store "Or how about this Fancy Nancy one?" Heather shook her head and picked out another Polly the Princess book. "Don't you have enough Polly the Princess books?"asked Daddy.

Heather shook her head again. "I can never have too many Polly The Princess books. " she insisted. "I want to have every Polly the Princess thing in the whole world." Now, it was Daddy's turn to shake his head. He looked at Heather sadly. She was missing out on so many things. Heather didn't think so.

Still, for Heather's sake Mommy and Daddy put up with Polly the Princess.  Her older sister, Nikki was a different story. Nikki was so tired of Polly The Princess. She had never really liked her that much in the first place, and she only grew to dislike her more and more the more Heather grew to love her. "I'm so sick of Polly the Princess!" she screamed storming out of the room every time she came upon Heather watching the Polly the Princess show.

Like it or not, Polly the Princess was a part of their lives and it looked like she was there to stay. Only Mommy didn't think so. "She'll grow out of it." Mommy assured Daddy and Nikki confidentally. Daddy couldn't imagine his little Heather without her Polly the Princess. Nikki would have loved for Heather to give up Polly the Princess, but couldn't imagine she ever would.

Then, it happened. Nikki came home from a friend's to find Heather sitting on the couch watching TV. Not wanting to watch yet another episode of The Polly Princess show, a show she hated anyway, she got ready to rush out of the room, but happened to glance at the TV on her way out.  'This doesn't look like the Polly the Princess show' thought Nikki. Could that be possible? "Heather," she asked finally. "What are you watching?"

"The Zany Zoo." replied Heather. "It's about this little girl who helps her father take care of all these zoo animals."  she explained. "It's my new favorite show!" she added excitedly.

Nikki's mouth dropped open in surprise. She couldn't believe that Heather finally had a new favorite show. She didn't know whether to be happy that at long last Heather finally seemed to be getting over Polly the Princess or worried that now Heather's world was going to be all about The Zany Zoo.

Things turned out to be much better than Nikki or anyone would have thought. Heather loved The Zany Zoo and watched it every chance she got, but she watched other shows too; The Calico Cat, Doc McStuffins, Dora the Explorer and other shows. Sometimes, she even watched Polly the Princess, but not as much as before. She read lots of books; books about The Zany Zoo, books about Curious George, books about Fancy Nancy and other books too. Sometimes, she even read Polly the Princess books although not as much as before. She had many friends, both real friends and imaginary friends, but she wasn't as friendly with invisible Polly the Princess.

"Do you know what?" asked Heather one afternoon when she and Mommy were walking home from school.

"What?" asked Mommy.

"Since I stopped liking Polly The Princess so much, I opened my heart to a lot of other things."

Mommy nodded and smiled. "I'm really proud of you, baby." she said giving Heather a big hug.

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