Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sierra Wants A Sister

Sierra Benson was a very lucky girl. She had a sweet and beautiful mother. She had a handsome and kind father. She had an older brother named Henry. She had everything she could possibly want in life everything except one thing. Sierra really wanted a sister.

Almost everyone Sierra knew had a sister. Her friend Maggie had a sister. Her friend Paige had a sister. Her friend Rosie had a sister. More than half of the kids in her class had sisters. Sierra felt that she ought to have a sister too. She decided to do something about it. She decided to tell Mommy and Daddy that she really wanted  and needed a baby sister. If she did that, she was sure it wouldn't be long before she had one too.

She eagerly approached the subject one day when she and Mommy were riding in the car. Mommy," she said "Can you get me a baby sister?"

Mommy smiled pleasantly. "And, where should I get one from?" she asked cheerfully.

Sierra chewed on her finger and thought about it for a moment. "At Babies R Us?" she asked hopefully.

Mommy laughed. "It's a little more complicated than that." she replied.

Sierra was disappointed.

Another day, Mommy and Sierra were at the YMCA for Sierra's swim lesson. "Mommy?" asked Sierra very seriously as they changed out of their wet bathing suits. "When is my sister going to be born?"

Mommy kissed Sierra and patted her own very flat tummy. "Maybe, some day, sweetie." she said gently.

Mommy's tummy was too flat to have a baby in it. All her friend's Mommies tummies were big and round before their sisters were born. Sierra was disappointed. She didn't want a sister some day. She wanted one now!

Shortly after that day, Mommy and Daddy announced that they were going to have another baby. When Mommy told people that Sierra knew about the baby even before she and Daddy did, Sierra just beamed happily. She couldn't wait for her baby sister to be born.

"I'm going to have a sister." she told everyone she saw excitedly. Whenever anyone bothered to point out that the baby could be a brother, Sierra glared at them. "It's a sister!" she would reply angrily. She was sure of it.

Henry was hoping the baby would be a boy. It did not seem to matter that he was already 10, and the baby could not possibly ever be much of a playmate for him. "It could be a boy you know, Sierra." he insisted.

Sierra shook her head. "It's a girl." she said nodding her head as if to show that she was right.

One day, that seemed to Sierra to be quite a long while after Mommy and Daddy had told her they were going to have another baby, Sierra woke up in the morning. There was no sign of Mommy and Daddy but Grandma was there. "Get dressed, Sierra, " Grandma told her. "We are going to go the hospital to see the new baby." Sierra didn't have to be told twice. She hurried into her favorite jeans and the red Big Sister sweatshirt Mommy and Daddy had gotten her when they told her she was going to be a big sister. She had been saving it for today.

At the hospital, Sierra was a bit scared. It seemed so big, and she felt so little. She had never been to the hospital before.

Grandma hurried Sierra and Henry into the building and up to the maternity floor. Daddy was waiting for them. He picked Sierra up and led them to Mommy's room. Mommy was sitting on her bed with the cutest little baby Sierra had ever seen wrapped up in a striped blanket in her arms. Sierra smiled. "Is that my sister?" she asked excitedly.

Mommy and Daddy smiled back and nodded. "This is your sister, Savannah Joy Benson." replied Mommy proudly.

Sierra turned to Henry and stuck her nose in the air snobbily. "You see, Henry," she said. "I told you, it was a sister. I told all of you." she pointed out.

Mommy nodded again. "Yes you did." she replied. "Come and meet your new sister." she added.

Daddy helped Sierra to wash her hands. Then, he lifted her on to the bed beside Mommy. Mommy put Savannah carefully into Sierra's arms. Savannah looked as though she were looking right at Sierra. Sierra smiled down at her. "Hello, little sister. " she said smiling. "I love you. I loved you even before you were born. We are going to be great friends and sisters." And they were, and they  had an extreme sisterly love-hate relationship ever after.

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