Sunday, July 31, 2011

Darcy Did It

Adrianna Bradford was  5 years old. All her life she'd had the same best friend. Her best friend was named Darcy. Adrianna and Darcy played together all the time. They did everything together. Darcy was with Adrianna all the time. She lived in Darcy's house. She was invisible.

The problem was Darcy was not always good. In fact, sometimes she could be downright bad. She was quite a troublemaker.

"Adrianna" said Mommy, "Why did you leave your coloring book and crayons on the floor?"

"Darcy did it, mommy." replied Adrianna.

"Adrianna!" called her father. "Did you take my mini flashlight?"

"No, Daddy." replied Adrianna innocently. "Darcy did it. I'll go find it for you." and off she went returning in less than two minutes as though she knew right where it was all the time.

"Adrianna!" screamed her older sister,  Allyson angrily when she found a mess of lipstick and nail polish in her room. "Have you been playing with my makeup  again! I told you to stay out of it!"

"It was Darcy." insisted Adrianna.

Adrianna never did anything wrong. It was always Darcy. Mommy and Daddy and Allyson were tired of everything always being Darcy's fault. How could it be possible be  that Darcy always did everything bad and Adrianna never did anything bad?

One day, Mommy found Adrianna's room a mess. Her toys were all over her bed. Her books were all over her floor. There was even a pile of dirty clothes sticking out from under her bed.

Adrianna hid in her closet. She expected mommy to yell at her. She opened her mouth and got all ready to say "Darcy did it." but mommy didn't say anything. She just walked away.

Adrianna found mommy in the kitchen baking cookies. They were chocolate chip cookies. They were Adrianna's favorite. They smelled delicious.  "Oh, mommy," she said excitedly. "Are you baking cookies for me?"

Mommy shook her head. "No, sweetie." she replied. "They're for Darcy."

"For Darcy?" asked Adrianna in surprise.

Mommy nodded her head. "To show her that I love her."

"You do?"

"Of course, I do. She may be a lot of trouble sometimes, but I'm sure she is sorry when she does something wrong, and she never lies about it."

Adriannal nervously bit her lip and stared at the ground. 

"Besides, I figured if Darcy is responsible for doing all the bad things around here, she must be responsible for some of the good things too." continued Mommy "I mean nobody is all bad. I haven't been very fair to her. From now on, I'm going to be making up for that. I'm going to bake cookies for Darcy and  read stories to Darcy and take Darcy to the playground"

"But, mommy, you used to do all those things with me!" exclaimed Adrianna practically in tears rushing into her mother's arms. "What about me? Don't you love me?"

Mommy hugged Adrianna and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Of course, I love you, sweetie." she said. "But I need to show Darcy that even when she does something wrong I still love her too. She is still a part of our family."

At that moment, Adrianna did not want Darcy to be a part of her family. She did not want mommy to bake cookies for Darcy. She did not want mommy to read stories to Darcy. She did not want mommy to take Darcy to the park. It was her mommy not Darcy's!

"It was me mommy!" she cried. "Darcy didn't do it. I did it. I made the mess in my room! And sometimes, I do other bad things like leave coloring books in the living room or playing with Allyson's makeup. Do you still love me?"

Mommy gave Adrianna a great big hug and smiled at her. "Of course I love you. I love you even more for telling the truth."

"Mommy," said Adrianna worriedly. "I try to be a good girl, and I try not to do bad things, but it's hard to be a good girl all the time."

Mommy smiled even brighter. "Just do your best," she said "and always tell the truth."

"I will mommy." Adrianna promised and she meant it.

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