Thursday, June 9, 2011

Graduation Day

It was bright and sunny the day of Sophy Ann's graduation from pre-k. She was the last of the Meadows to be graduating from Thompkin's School of Early Learning. First her sisters, Tina and Emmy went through the school and then her brother Ben did. Finally, it was Sophy Ann's turn to go to the school, and now she was almost done. She was ready to graduate.

Sophy Ann excitedly jumped out of bed. She put on her favorite pink and purple flowered dress. She put on her nice white socks and her shiny new white party shoes.  She brushed her own hair and Tina helped her to clip it back on the side with gold barettes. She looked at herself in the mirror. "I'm a big girl." she said. Then, suddenly it all seemed too fast for her. She took her clothes off, put her pajamas back on,  and got back into bed. She lay down under the covers.

"Sophy Ann! Come on!" called her mother.

"Sophy Ann! Let's go!" called her father.

"You don't want to be late for your graduation!" called her sister Emmy.

Sophy Ann did want to be late. In fact, she didn't want to go at all. She buried herself deeper under her covers. She didn't say a thing. 'Maybe, if I am really really quiet, they will all go away' she thought hopefully.

But, they didn't go away. "Sophy Ann! We need to go now!" called her mother more urgently.

"Sophy Ann!" said her father loudly and angrily. He did not like to be kept waiting.

Sophy Ann did not reply. She did not move out from under her covers.

A few minutes later, she heard footsteps on the stairs. She peeked out from under her covers just a bit. It was mommy. At the sight of her, Sophy Ann burst into tears.

Mommy scooped Sophy Ann out from under the covers and into her arms. "Sophy Ann, honey, " she said sweetly, "What's the matter?"

"Oh, mommy." sobbed Sophy Ann holding tightly to her mother. "I don't want to graduate. I don't want to go to another school.What if I don't like it? What if they don't like me? I like my school. I like my friends. I like my teachers. I don't want new ones!"

Mommy smiled  and hugged Sophy Ann.  "It can be sad when things come to an end," she said "and new beginnings can be scary. Remember how scared you were when you started school? Remember how you held my hand and didn't want to go in the classroom? Remember how you cried every time I dropped you off every day for a month? Every day, after 2 minutes in the classroom you would stop crying. You would be so busy having fun and learning that you forgot all about being sad and missing me until I picked you up at the end of the day."  Sophy Ann remembered. She smiled at mommy as the memories all came back to her.

"You didn't know anybody in school when you started and now you are friends with everybody in your class. I'm sure it will be the same in your new school." Mommy continued.

"Do you really think so?" asked Sophy Ann worriedly.

Her mother nodded. "I know so." she replied confidently.

"But I won't have Mrs.  Thompkin's, Mrs. Terry, and Mrs Wilson anymore."

"No. You won't but I'm sure you'll have teacher's you'll love just as much."

Sophy Ann hoped so but she still wasn't sure. She just sat on her bed and still didn't move.

"Come on. " said Mommy. "You don't want to be late. You don't want to miss graduation. All your friends will be there and your teachers. You don't want to be the only one not there"

Sophy Ann thought about all her friends and all her teachers, and she knew she did want to go. She did want to graduate. She had worked so hard to get to this moment and she didn't want to miss it. She quickly got dressed and hurried downstairs with her mother.

A few hours later after the graduation ceremony, Sophy Ann proudly joined her family clutching her diploma. They greeted her excitedly. "You did it!" said Ben.

"Congratulations!" said Tina and Emmy.

"Way to go, Princess!"  said her Dad.

Sophy Ann smiled proudly. Then, she looked at mommy. Mommy's eyes were full of tears "Why are you crying now, Mommy?" she asked.

Mommy smiled through her tears. "I am really proud of you, Sophy Ann." she declared. "I just feel a little bit sad because I don't have any more babies." she admitted. "My last baby is growing up." she said looking at Sophy Ann.

Sophy Ann threw her arms around her mother's neck and hugged her tightly. "I'm still your baby. " she said. "I will always be your baby."


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